Uluc is looking for a Rental Property / Apartment / Studio / Room in Tilburg

Uluc is looking for: A Rental Property / Apartment / Studio / Room in Tilburg

  • Rental Property / Apartment / Studio / Room
  • Min. 12 m2
  • Male
  • 30 Immediately

I am 24 years old and from Turkey. I am currently doing my masters in marketing management in Tilburg University. I have been living in Netherlands for around a month now. This is actually my third time in Netherlands. I can say I am good tenant since I have been already living alone in rent back in my home country and had really good relationships with my landlord. I always pay my rent on time, respect the property and avoid any damage to it, I am also a good housemate sine I am experienced and good at getting the house chores done. My hobbies are movies, basketball, archery and travelling. Personally, I am a really open-minded, easy going and friendly person that you can get well without spending much effort. I have been working back in my home country for some years and also finished another master in business administration before coming here. I have travelled across the Europe and have many friends from all nations since I was working in a global association during my school years. So, I love to get to know different cultures and can get together with people from different cultures easily.

General information: Uluc
  Male, 29 years old